Why do things have to be so complicated in my life? Life sucks that is for sure, especially when you do not have a license to get anywhere. I only say life sucks with out a license because it really does. With out a license you are stuck in the house all day, unless you ask your parents or grandparents to take you somewhere and then that is when you get questioned on where you are going or who you are hanging out with. I don’t know about you but I don’t want my family in my personal life. They don’t need to know where I go or whom I will be hanging out with. I know they just want to keep me safe, but they can’t protect me forever. I have to go out and be myself, well at least try to be myself. I wish I had my license because then I can drive to somewhere and meet someone there without having to stay at my dads for the entire week. Why does everything have to be so complicated? My life has always been complicated and I am just going to have to live with that.


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